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TheWeekholeView: An Ordinary Mishmash

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week, in more than one way or day:

On Wednesday, January 29, Today in Afghanistan published a post entitled:

“America spent $200 million teaching Afghan cops to read — and failed.”

On Thursday, January 30, Chris Christie denied allegations about having any knowledge about anything he does, especially what he eats. “He just ingurgitates whatever is around,” said a fan.


Friday, January 31, Atlanta drivers won the most inept drivers ever competition. A two-inch snowfall paralyzed Atlanta leaving children abandoned in schools, school buses, or just homeless.

On Saturday, February 1, The New York Times writer and foe of Woody Allen, Nicholas Kristoff rehashed 20-year old allegations of Woody as a child molester. The girl, described at the time by psychologists as a 7-year old who could not separate fiction from reality, found new personal heroes to listen to her remembrances of things past.

Now, Dear Nicholas, I do not know who you like to fondle, if anybody, but I can tell you that at 19 I did like both younger and older men than me, and no 40 year old man who liked me a lot would have touched a 7 year old child, be she my little adopted sister or anyone else’s. It is not what middle age men who enjoy younger women do. That’s a different MO. I thought you enjoyed studying sexual deviants. Especially white men and Asian children. So, you should know what people do, like to do, or imagine having done to themselves.

In other news, Maureen Dowd made nice with the Clintons by predicting Hillary would be the president of something.

TPV wonders whether the main question on the NY Times writers’ entrance exam is:

“Are you friends of the Clintons?” With a potential follow-up: “At least do you hate Woody?”


On Sunday, February 2, Bruno Mars saved the American people from an evening of boredom. Chris Christie tweeted:

@the StateRightoutsideNewYork -There is no boredom in New Jersey.

TPV noted there were a few more characters CC could have used.

FrankOn Monday, February 3, Woody Allen once again denied allegations that Mia Farrow’s claim to fame’s defined solely by her connections to former husband – Frank – and former partner – Woody.

On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Putin moved the Winter Games from Sochi to Kremlin. So, he can keep an eye on security, especially Lindsay Vaughn’s.


TheWeekholeView: An Ordinary Mishmash



  1. PS. Ingurgitate! I had to look to see if it was real. Even my spell checker isn’t sure. Real and science sounding and at the same time so mean and dirty – it must be how Jaba the Hutt maintains his body mass. Bravo TPV!

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