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3 Days till New York Feels the Bern and Votes Smart the New Cool

These last days preceding the primary vote are supremely important.

  • Politics like usual are gone.

  • No matter what the Clooneys and the Colberts or Dunhams of the world want, the world has moved past them: They are so yesterday. Even Senator Chuck Schumer understands that things have moved past Richard Dreyfus’ “Baby Steps” cinematography. Chuck wants the Saudis to stop funding terrorism. Chuck is right, and that sly move is so today, because, today, being cool is being smart. And being smart has always been the opposite of being greedy.

  • Being cool by dressing down has stopped being cool. The same abrupt end happened to being cool just by being rich and faking a smile or a subway ride for photo-op. Not to mention reading lame jokes about laundry is so boring, Colbert, even when done with your choice of a lady.

In other words, my fellow New Yorkers, we need to stay smart and cool because we are writing history. The rest of the world may not know it yet, but then they don’t live here.

Hill-Billy still still trade on the strength of her last name’s bubble, and Bernie’s supporters still don’t have money to invest in him.


But, hey people, remember Tuesday, we don’t need money to vote. We just need to be smart, and vote for Bernie!