TheWeekholeView from the Appalachian Trail

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TheWeekholeView – Obama’s No King !?

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Last Wednesday, January 16, President Obama announced that the U.S. had agreed to give Afghanistan a fleet of... Read more »

U.S.-Facilitated Security

Six days ago the Internet was abuzz with news about “our trumpeted success in persuading Pakistan to end its seven-month blockade of supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan.” Apparently, our military refrained... Read more »

Syria – Big U.S. Foreign Policy News

Syria has become big news. Days ago, right before his birthday, the U.S. President Barack Obama authorized secret support for the forces opposing the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad. This week, the U.S.... Read more »

Detainees at Afghanistan’s largest U.S.-built prison chose to stay in and watch Mad Men rather than make their escape through the open doors, according to a new Pentagon report.

 The U.S. spent $60 million to construct a state of the art prison able to house 2000 Afghani detainees. This is the U.S. Army’s response to the current situation where detainees at... Read more »

Conceding Defeat

The Democrats have no leadership role anymore in American politics. Like much hyped-up bands marketed to seem independent, think The Monkeys or, surprise, surprise, The Strokes, the current administration has no idea... Read more »

Tragicomedy à la Federico Fellini

The United States of America is tired of being the world’s Cesar.  To make sure that it can retire, even if no one steps forward to replace it, America makes it clear... Read more »

About a Man’s Chutzpah

Some have it, like it, and use it. Some don’t need to use it. There are those who don’t know how to use it, though consider training. Few, though their numbers have... Read more »

American Politics, a Tank, and the International Stage: The Venice Biennale

Yes, I am going to require at least a modicum of research for this piece, which is— above all else— a discussion of the place of artistic representation in American and international... Read more »