Hillary Is Better than Me, Says Former President Bill. Therefore [blank] Should Have a Chance too

Hillary Is Better than Me, Says Former President Bill. Therefore, TPV wishes them a long long life on a beach somewhere. Actually, former President Bill Clinton did not say that Hill was... Read more »

New York State Is Set to Loosen Marijuana Laws. Within Well-Established Limits

Finally, New York State is set to loosen marijuana Laws. The first approved demographic is politicians caught while smoking or admitting to pot. Read more »

TPV’s Times’ Correspondent Weighs in on John Kerry’s Accomplishments as the Secretary of State.

The secretary of state has rolled up more tangible accomplishments in less than a year than his celebrated predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, did in four. But none of them are enough to... Read more »

If only Hillary Could Do It

The picture shows Vanja Hadzovic, a 27-year-old adviser in Serbia’s Foreign Ministry. Like Bill, TPV wished it were Hillary. It ain’t. Read more »

The First Comedians

The title does not want to say that there were no comedians before the Clintons, but that they aspire to be the most influential ones, especially on Twitter, now that they switched... Read more »

The Usefulness of Old People

In their first song together, Hey Old Man, the musical group ABBA, which you may have heard of from their Broadway show, Mamma Mia! (or the despicable Meryl Streep performance in the... Read more »

On Lust and Social Dilemmas: To Spit or to Swallow

Dominique Strauss Kahn, the would-have-been French Bill Clinton, was unluckily undone by his carnal lust before the French people had a chance to vote for him. In a new twist of affairs,... Read more »

Bubba Can Still Deliver. But at What Price

Last night, Bubba nominated Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Bubba gave us all a taste of what we would like to, but we cannot be. It does not matter the reason... Read more »

America Does Not Need an Arab Spring, Mr. Friedman. It Needs a Leader.

Yesterday, the often mistaken Thomas L. Friedman of New York Times raised an interesting question “Does America need an Arab Spring?” True to himself, to answer his question, Friedman chose another famously... Read more »

A Chronicle of Politics Foretold

 The results of the November 8 elections are in and they ain’t nothing.  Too cynical?  Let’s see: what would you prefer?  Would you prefer someone who won’t make love to you because... Read more »