Did God Ever Apologize to Adam for Eve? Trump Wonders

Our President is posing major questions: “Did God Ever Apologize to Adam for Eve?” Trump wondered recently. Then, he fell asleep and found himself pouting on his golden potty. So, he used... Read more »

TheWeekholeView from the Appalachian Trail

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Francis I – the iPope

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So much waste

Why Run for President When You Cannot Rise Above a Lackey?

I thought the president knew that poeple like me- many much younger and better looking- elected him. Alas, he feels indentured not to us but the big corporate money. He sold us... Read more »

Republicans Declare War on Vaginas -God Plagiarizes Gertrude Stein

In an unprecedented event for the U.S. Congress, the Republican God spoke to Its minions. Vagina is a vagina is a vagina is a vagina…. This was God’s reply to the ban... Read more »

The Wall Street Journal: Ina Drew the Most Recent Icon of Successful Corporate Feminism

According to the print version of The Wall Street Journal, feminists are applauding Ina Drew’s amazing gesture of offering to step aside rather than wait to be prosecuted for illegal trading. According... Read more »

Why I like John?

All reasons mentioned below still standing, here is the main reason I like John: Johnny Edwards did something usually reserved to God. JE exposed the consequences of prosecutorial mindless ambition: grandiose failure.... Read more »
Faith by George Murphy


In the dark heart of Rome a saint burns brightly by the fire Diocletian thought he knew what to do with Christian dogs. Read more »

Religious Spectatorship: Harold Camping and the Coming of the Apocalypse

There is something appealing about Armageddon.  The notion of the end-of-it-all pervades our social consciousness.  It is manifest in our books and movies, our television programs and poetry.  Sometimes, the Apocalypse is... Read more »