Finally, the Welfare Folks Are Taking Acid

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TheWeekholeView – See Whose Omerta Broke

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Read more »

Kate’s Bare Breasts or the Prophet Muhammad’s je ne sais quoi? Why Not Both?

Amid continuing protests by Muslims around the globe over a controversial anti-Islam film made by an Egyptian Coptic Christian, and more protests to come because Charlie Hebdo periodically satirizes religious and other human icons,... Read more »

Romney’s ideas not bad now

Romney had an idea that looked bad before the Presidential Elections, but looks quite sexy now to the Democrats. With both parties positioning for difficult negotiations to avert a fiscal crisis as... Read more »

Conceding Defeat

The Democrats have no leadership role anymore in American politics. Like much hyped-up bands marketed to seem independent, think The Monkeys or, surprise, surprise, The Strokes, the current administration has no idea... Read more »

Santorum’s Time Traveling Tales

A few weeks back, I said that Obama did not have what it took to be my candidate, but do I have a choice? No. So, at the risk of being perceived... Read more »

Misogyny Is The Answer: You Better Not Be Asking a Question, Woman

For years there has a been a strain of conventional wisdom that says the U.S. should take the lead of other countries and change its policies—socialized medicine, gun control, environmental regulations, and... Read more »

Watch, Don’t Think: The Case of “Top Secret” in Beijing

There is a profound distinction to be made between seeing and thinking, between witnessing something and unpacking it intellectually.  Wrapped up in these concerns, in a complex way, is the powerful tool... Read more »