TheWeekholeView from the Appalachian Trail

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TheWeekholeView – Finally the News about Who Won in Iraq Is Coming Out and Yes, It’s Patriotic

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Francis I – the iPope

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TheWeekholeView -The Blizzard Passed; Hillary Pasa

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Last Wednesday, February 6, in a sign that the Murdochs experienced a major panic attack, Fox News labeled... Read more »

TheWeekholeView – What’s Love Got to Do with It?

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Wasting Money on the War of the Government’s Two Roses

I was looking to write something entertaining and devoid of my usual bitterness against corporate takeover, and I came up with two names: Mitt and Dave. Mitt might be a Mormon, but... Read more »

L.A.Times & N.Y. Times: Why We Should Stay Indebted to the Chinese (Banks)

Our patriotic duty is to support our troops when they maim the Afghani tribe members the current Afghani police force dislike (yes, what the Soviets did in the movie Charlie’s War). Moreover, it... Read more »

American Politics, a Tank, and the International Stage: The Venice Biennale

Yes, I am going to require at least a modicum of research for this piece, which is— above all else— a discussion of the place of artistic representation in American and international... Read more »

How the Incumbent Lion (Obama) Fought to Lose the Presidency to the Phantom Contender

I know Aesop’s fable is about a wise lion who, tickled at the idea of a mouse helping him, let the mouse escape his hungry roar. In exchange, when the lion found... Read more »
Neil Brosnan

Neil Brosnan

Born on Long Island, N.Y. went to a couple of different colleges; hitch-hiked around Europe got thrown out of Ireland; worked in a mental hospital in lieu of military draft. Surfed wherever... Read more »