House Republicans Release Nunes Memo Accusing Russia Investigators of Bias https://nyti.ms/2GFVIbH Marquel heard Alexa moaning in the background. He remained undeterred. He continued to  read nothing. He was doing nothing. He had the memo... Read more »

Nebraska Helps Trump Make America a Yuge Oily Pond

In an unpredictable move, Nebraska regulators are standing their ground and tell their northern neighbors they stink and they should all go the way Amherst went. TPV asked Why did the Nebraska... Read more »

Gitlin’s Fakebook inside the Facebook

What to do about a global info-and-disinfo pipeline, and who can do it? BY TODD GITLIN | NOVEMBER 7, 2017 –First published here: http://billmoyers.com/story/fakebook-inside-facebook/# The Fakebook Inside Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s original Facebook profile. (Photo by Niall... Read more »

Gitlin’s Latest Question: Who’s Afraid of Antifa

First published here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/28/opinion/antifa-trump-charlottesville.html By TODD GITLINAUG. 28, 2017 A counter protester holds a “Antifa” sign at the Boston Free Speech Rally earlier this month.Credit Stephanie Keith/Reuters During his speech in Phoenix on Tuesday night, Donald... Read more »

Gitlin’s View on Charlottesville: A Step-Up Moment for Leadership

The fire that burns the length and breadth of American history has burst through a firebreak.  BY TODD GITLIN | AUGUST 14, 2017 First published here: http://billmoyers.com/story/charlottesville-step-moment-leadership/ Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally. (Photo... Read more »

Trump to the GOP: You, Dopes

Right before switching to “Made in Trumpland,” President D. Trump remembered Trumpcare. He ramped up his outreach to the Hill and hosted a handful of GOP senators for dinner. Show up, Dopes! T... Read more »

Gitlin’s HISTORY:  Summer of Love and Rage

First published here: http://billmoyers.com/story/summer-of-love-and-rage/ HISTORY:  Summer of Love and Rage If you were in the ghettoes of Newark, Detroit or scores of other cities that summer, you were not wearing flowers in your... Read more »

If anybody’s okay, that’s not T 

Recently, T found himself in the Oval Office and decided to make random phone calls. No one wanted to pick up. Mark Knoller@markknoller Pres pool watched Pres Trump on hold for at... Read more »

Gitlin Watches What He Tweets When Alone

First published here http://billmoyers.com/story/watch-what-trump-tweets-but-also-what-he-does/. Watch What He Tweets but Also What He Does @realDonaldTrump in action BY TODD GITLIN | JUNE 19, 2017 The Twitter accounts of President Donald Trump, @POTUS and @realDoanldTrump, are seen on... Read more »

Gitlin’s Take on George Orwell on Sean Spicer

First published here: http://billmoyers.com/story/george-orwell-on-sean-spicer/ George Orwell on Sean Spicer A note on the uses of stupefaction. BY TODD GITLIN | JUNE 2, 2017 The Trumps’ nine-day journey outside the United States was “incredible,... Read more »

Let’s Fire Trump While Abroad

In a tweet last week, Trump dismissed the FBI and congressional probes into his Russian connection as a “witch-hunt”. Today, The Washington Post writes: Trump made separate appeals to the director of... Read more »

Gitlin on Trump’s War – A Sport and a Pastime

First published http://www.cjr.org/covering_trump/syria-bombs-tv-news.php WAR IS THE BLOOD SPORT of television. Devastation on the ground—someplace the viewer doesn’t live but where other human beings do, and gasp, run, shout, weep, flee, are blown apart,... Read more »

Gitlin’s Bannon

First published – http://billmoyers.com/story/bannon-bounced/. Bannon Bounced Chaos is the new normal at the White House. BY TODD GITLIN | APRIL 6, 2017 Bannon Bounced Steve Bannon, chief strategist for President Donald Trump, walks... Read more »

You said TPV Rocks. Here is the proof

Classic rock mix for your morning workout from the desk of The Pothole View. Yes, we know. There is no shortage of workout music. But this is especially for you. https://vimeo.com/211356432 Read more »