Jordan Accuses ex-Crown Prince of Palace Coup with Merry Song and Dance

The half-brother of Jordan’s king, Hamzeh, was held in his palace since Saturday as part of an unprecedented crackdown on dissent: for dancing, and...

A nurse confirmed Alec Baldwin’s seventh child delivered via FedEx

A nurse confirmed Alec Baldwin's sixth child delivered via FedEx

Is Christmas 2020 Over? It could have been worse.

Christmas 2020 is over and luckily so. It could have been worse.

From the Man Show to the Trump Show – via Robin Byrd

COVID-19 gives one too much time to think. What made Trump possible? Was it the Man Show? Was it the Robin Byrd Show? What...

RIP Little Richard

 Did Little Richard make us perhaps too tolerant of all tutti frutti, aka the Trumps frutti? Yesterday, a legend in the making became a legend...

Pause and Call Mom, Governor Cuomo Tells New Yorkers

After getting into a row with his younger brother, Chris, for forgetting to call his mom, Governor Andrew Cuomo decided that all New Yorkers...

Thursday’s Springtime for COVID in New York City

The news is sad. Italy is almost broken. People will be brought into deep poverty, and Trump is Trump: a little buffoon who tripped...

Trump Took the Test: The Literacy Test

Modestly, Trump finally acknowledged: I took the test last night. And I decided I should tell my people that I passed. People were asking, 'Can...

Mon Cher – Stupid World: No-Pay, No-Play

I know that title alludes to a little gem of a movie “Mon Chien Stupide” based on a slightly less realized book, My Dog...

Carlson Untucks Covid-19. FoxNews Watches

FoxNews personality Carlson Tucker is human: people are related to him. I mean, older, vulnerable people, who nevertheless voted for Trump, and are at risk...

Reading Books Creates Heros. Typing Tweets, twits

Reading books creates heroes. Tweets, twits

The Presidential Medal of Freedom Might just Favor the Living

Let aside the striking resemblance between their first initials, the letter M brought to you by the GOP, Ms. Miriam is an older version of Ms. Melania.

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