TheWeekholeView on 2017

Here at TPV things get meaning while they fall through the hole we create for them. 2017 has been mostly Trump and Hillary, and here’s our good riddance to the their duo,... Read more »

FB Stigmatized

Dear Reader (FB ex-friend), As you know, TPV used to have a solid FB presence. We were spreading our alternative news right there on FB with such titans as the New York Times,... Read more »

The Biggest Tramp of Them All

Sal’s Pizzeria, Williamsburg, New York (via Sign Language) – Croshondola sat depressed and comatose, face-deep into her favorite a’pizza pie: Sal’s anchovy deluxe with extra anchovy.  A fever dream took her over... Read more »

Croshondola Does The News: Volume 1

PotholeView HQ, New York, New York (Studio Cellar-D) – via BoobTube – You heard it here first folks, Croshondola is hosting a weekly news “round-up,” whenever she feels like it, usually when... Read more »

Croutons and Creams: Hirrary’s Pennis Re-thinks Campaign Strategy

Autumn’s Breeze, Lady’s Island, South Carolina (via Tops 4 Trump Dating App):  Croshondola was minding her own business, skip-walking down to South #Cackalackians for Trump Headquarters, when she was approached by a... Read more »

The Fatbook and Fakebook Nations Collapse

Cronut Factory, Icing Department (via TrumpType on eyePhone) – Croshondola was knee-deep in cronuts when she read Cris Crispy’s Fatbook page, which said he was retiring from presidential politics.  She read a... Read more »

Greetings from Xiangxiang

The One in Which Croshondola Was Finally Paid the Per Diem Warehouse 29 Halliburton Plot Square 0, Xiangxiang Peoples’ Republic of China (via 4chan): Croshondola was found ass-up and head-deep into a... Read more »

Trading in Crispy Crisps, Jindling Stick & Hillarious Ink

Croshondola’s 2016 Erection Tchotchkes, Incorporated New York, NY (Manhole View HQ) – via Windows 97 – Croshondola, agonizing over her realization that what she thought was a letter offering an $800,000 advance... Read more »

What’s The Story Penis Glory?

Chicago, Illinois (Trump Tower, Master Cuts) – via AshleyMadison – Cro$hondola, rich on the advance she just received for her new book, Go Set a Cocksman, sat having her wig cut by... Read more »

Fear and Loathing in the Manhole – Jindling all the Way

Monroe County, Georgia (Whistle Stop Cafe) – via TeleType – Croshondola, still reeling from the cocaine-addled orgy that was the first Republican Debait-and-Switch in Ohio, woke to find herself ass-up and face-down... Read more »

Upon Dropping in Polls, HIRRARY Asks TWATTER 4Policy Solutions Written in Emoji, Drops 2 More Points, but Gains Millions of Emoji

Tandy, Wyoming (Estate Sale) – via Kindleberry – “How does Hirrary make you feel?  Tell MHV in Three Emojis or Less,” Croshondola, the Pothole View’s the Manhole View correspondent, read on her... Read more »

Republican Debait RE-CAP:  Cris Crispy Participates, BUTT No Gay Talk

Hell, Michigan (Waffle House), via Teletype— Croshondola, the Pothole View’s Manhole View correspondent, reports from the field: After the forced gay marriages thingy happened in June, Governor Cris Crispy was one of... Read more »

Pls, Who’s the Boss?

As an Obama team player, Hillary used a secret email to deal with her government job. Her email was only known to her cronies and probably big donors. Neither Barak nor Bill... Read more »

Is This Really Happening?

Croshondala, the Manhole View’s  Correspondent, reports from the field: Chris Crispy is running for president.  His campaign video is linked here and it begins in his voiceover, “I get accused a lot of times... Read more »