contemplation at dawn

    I only saw your breasts asleep aromatic asymmetric I sniffed around and I forgot to remember myself (contemplation at dawn ) îți vedeam numai sînii adormiți aromați asimetrici amușinam și... Read more »

not even

if you don’t have air make it up if you don’t have words kill yourself with them if you have not lived revive yourself if you don’t have clothes wear yourself like a... Read more »

Climate Change Is So Yesterday, Says Rick

Florida Governor Rick Scott, while not explicitly stating so to the media outlets, has banned the use of terms “climate change” and “global warming” in official documents.  Instead, officials are being asked... Read more »

Rick Perry’s Words: Chosen, Not Spoken

This may not be news to you, but it took us a bit longer than expected to assemble an internationally renowned team which could carefully decipher Rick Perry’s comparison between alcohol and homosexuality.  To the... Read more »

TPV Exclusive: Appalling Right Wing Behavior From So-Called Liberal

It’s already well known to most readers of TPV, that managing editor, Dana Neacşu, does not pay her writers.  Her claim is that she is running a not-for-profit news organization. Is that... Read more »

Barefoot Runners – Your Shining Moment

If you didn’t already look like a jackass, well here’s your shining moment.  For all those putzes who thought they were so “roots” by running around in a pair of the “Barefoot... Read more »

Thinking about Retirement? TPV to the Rescue

I think that if you’re going to invest in the stock market, your first move should be in the hearing aid industry (just look at everyone with their headphones!). Your next move... Read more »

Orange is the new… ckin2u on campus 

Usually reserved for the private areas of our private homes, i.e., bathroom or kitchen floors, the smell of clorox orange has made its way into the walkways at Columbia University.  The chemical cleaning... Read more »

Postcard from the Edge – How to Disappear … Completely

 In our FB age, with constant fears about being tracked via our smart phones, or other electronic devices, it’s rather amazing that an entire airplane can disappear out of thin air.  The... Read more »

Blame It on the Rain? No, Blame It on Christie

 I better say this before it’s already been said (although I’m sure somewhere it has been uttered): It’s not clear what caused the epic failure of mass transit after the Super Bowl,... Read more »

Sippin’ on Gin and Juice

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Dazed and Confused

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Breathe, Breathe in the Air

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Welcome to the Pharm

Biotech firms are in a fighting mood. Their generic competitors are behaving as if they cared. Thus we have the war few want to speak of: the lobbying war! Here are the facts... Read more »