Canada’s Self-induced Anxiety Disorder

A panic attack brought on by the free-falling cannabis stocks on Friday, February 2nd manifested uncomfortable symptoms, Bloomberg news reported.  Some investors complained of uncontrollable sweats and chills, chest pains, rapid heartbeat, and... Read more »

R.I.P. #Voicemail

After dying a slow and fragmentary death, Voicemail has finally arrived in purgatory, ready to linger for a while. Sources in purgatory told TPV that Voicemail was thrilled to see telex and... Read more »

‘What’s up with that National Prayer Breakfast?’

[embedyt][/embedyt]President Barack Obama seems to have disparaged the sensibilities of both Christian and Muslim critics by comparing Islamic extremism to the Christian Crusades during last week’s National Prayer Breakfast. Obama argued that... Read more »

Come on, man, I love Trump. But he ain’t have Iowan of the Year

At least one percent of Iowans would vote for the real estate mogul Donald Trump in the upcoming Republican primary who has thrown his hat in the ring again, many speculate, for... Read more »

Madonna Embraces Millennials- Wholeheartedly

[embedyt][/embedyt] Madonna, the marketing magnet who doesn’t seem to want to go away, launched her new video on social media yesterday; no, not that old folks platform Facebook or Twitter, she released... Read more »

Jindal for President ’cause He’s the Biggest

Our everyday regular politicians vying for our attention remind us that religion is still going strong.  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), for instance, recognizes the relevance of religion and has decided to do... Read more »

Whatever Works

After decades of introspection, the government of Pakistan has reportedly recognized the importance of “whatever” and is willing to do “whatever” it takes to have this included in all official communication.  When... Read more »

Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful in Civil Rights

These girls are the Ruby Bridges of Pakistan….Going to School is Act of Courage! Undeterred by the terrorists these brave Pakistani girls are going to school. Come out today, Friday, January 16, at... Read more »

Alien Love

[embedyt][/embedyt]Recent developments from India indicate that the Hindus are catching up with Muslims in the stupidity contest. Not only India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) elected representative has launched a campaign to... Read more »

The But(t) Brigade

Salman Rushdie, who was a guest on Bill Maher’s Jan 9th show, coined an interesting term: the “But Brigade.” The “But brigade”, constitutes those who try to find a reason for the... Read more »