A Military Parade on a Windless Day

President Donald Trump wants a military parade to show off to his North Korean frenemy. But, there is a catch. A video catch which has gone viral. Now, that... Read more »

World: America’s Open for Business. All Bids Accepted!

Either the Republican contingent is high on mushrooms, or English is not my first language. Either way, the #RasmussenPropaganda in funny. For those folks, Trump is riding a wave... Read more »

The Excellence of His Bill of Health

A White House physician declared Tuesday that President Donald Trump is in “excellent” overall health and that he performed “well” on a cognitive screening exam, while noting the commander... Read more »

Global Trumpism

Rather than influence global politics, Trumps has chosen to be influenced by foreign rules and mores, even religion. His latest interest is in Hinduism, or ism, as the Don... Read more »

The Etymology of Overcompensation

In the new year, the only compensation most of us will get is Trump’s over-compensation. It won’t be monetary. Most likely nuclear. Which brings us to the main question:... Read more »

ISIS Recession

Ahead of the Trump-induced US recession, ISIS proves it’s ahead of us, having reached rock bottom, and accepting applications from all available Erics and Juniors of the world. This... Read more »

The New Book of Revelations — America After Weinstein — According to Gitlin

Making distinctions is part of the fine art of justice – First published here: http://billmoyers.com/story/new-book-revelations-america-weinstein/. BY TODD GITLIN | NOVEMBER 30, 2017 The New Book of Revelations — America After Weinstein Victims... Read more »

TheWeekHoleView Muses on Wrongdoings

While millions of American poor children will soon find themselves further ostracized and closer in status to poor children everywhere, the thinning middle class will soon pay more in... Read more »

Pai’s Song of the Open Road

In a devastating reality check, TPV finds itself alone in its commitment to net neutrality. And because we are nobody’s b*tich, it means we are alone. The reality hit... Read more »

Gitlin’s Warning on The Unending State of Emergency

The shocks are not normal, and order will not be restored: first published here http://billmoyers.com/story/unending-state-emergency/ BY TODD GITLIN | OCTOBER 16, 2017 The Unending State of Emergency       Media. (Photo... Read more »

Ted Cruz Porn-cruising through Life

Senator Ted Cruz once tried to ban sex toys in Texas. I don’t like people, so why would I like toys? the Senator was once heard explaining his life... Read more »

Gitlin’s Words about Who Were Charlottesville’s Armed Militiamen

Among the abominations of Charlottesville were far-right groups openly carrying assault rifles. BY TODD GITLIN | AUGUST 28, 2017, first published here: http://billmoyers.com/story/militiamen-charlottesville-violence/ Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. (Photo by Rodney Dunning/Flickr CC 2.0)... Read more »

Gorsuch & the Chronicle of a Presidential Pardon Foretold

Donald Trump and Neil Gorsuch have a bromance. Trump relieved Gorsuch of the burden of his mother’s failure, Anne Gorsuch, who failed to destroy the EPA in her search... Read more »

Gitlin’s View on Charlottesville: A Step-Up Moment for Leadership

The fire that burns the length and breadth of American history has burst through a firebreak.  BY TODD GITLIN | AUGUST 14, 2017 First published here: http://billmoyers.com/story/charlottesville-step-moment-leadership/ Charlottesville Unite the... Read more »