BREAKING NEWS: Local Man Determines Yelling at T.V. Ineffective at Helping Rangers Win

Following last night’s 3-0 loss to the Islanders, Astoria resident Richard Ames conceded that his well-practiced strategy of yelling instructions to the Rangers at key moments of games was no longer working.... Read more »

Happy Festivus to the RestofUS

Daily Journal 12-23-17 Donald J. Trump [TPV has exclusive access to some of Donald Trump’s journal entries thanks to our relationship with a soon to be former White House aide—we can’t divulge... Read more »

U.S. Dopen Match Summary; Sharapova vs. Halep

The marquee women’s match on Monday night featured the Russian five time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova against Romanian Simona ‘Who Am I?’ Halep. Sharapova, ranked #1 on the WTA several times... Read more »

Statement on Fake News from Dean Baquet, Executive Editor, The New York Times

Dear Times Readers, The time has come for us to come clean. The jig is up. We did our best, but when you’re beat, you’re beat. It’s time for us to throw... Read more »

The Forgotten Man

The Forgotten Man (composed from Donald Trump’s tweets) These two terrible human beings–a weak and somewhat pathetic figure; A dishonest slob of little or no talent: He said something truly horrifying                                    ... Read more »

Post-RNC Convention Notes – Behind the scenes in Cleveland with TPV

The tents have been folded up, the dancing horses (and elephants) loaded back on the trains, and the circus won't be back in town for quite some time, but TPV gained a... Read more »

TPV Exclusive: Trump former PR man, John Miller, speaks with TPV

TPV (very) occasional contributor Rufus Davis was able to track down former Trump PR man John Miller and spoke with him by phone. Following is a transcript of the call. This past... Read more »

Theater Review: Hamilton, Musical of the Century

There’s a new show in town, and if you haven’t noticed everyone is talking about it. Your intrepid reviewer is now able to confirm that it is indeed worthy of all the... Read more »

Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

By accident or divine design, TPV’s own Rufus Davis just found an amazing letter from aTPV reader. It was lost in his morning Sunday mail. If you don’t know that #Donald #Trump has a twitter account which... Read more »

Slow Burn Impostors!

A solution to the race classification problem—a final solution, if you will—is easily achieved Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP executive who apparently claimed to be black despite her caucasian background, has brought... Read more »

TPV Ethicist-So Many Demands, So Much to Say

TPV has responded to a request from the editors at The Times for help in making their responses in the Sunday Magazine’s ‘The Ethicist’ column more complete. As always, TPV is willing... Read more »

Douchebaggy Behavior –Douchebaggery — on the Rise

A recent study published in the Journal of Confirming What Is Already Obvious and more found that the incidence of Douchebags occurring in the general population has reached all time highs. Douchebaggy... Read more »

Presbyterians Divest From Israel; Prepare to Mount Military Campaign

The Presbyterian Church of America confirmed at their annual congress that they would divest themselves of investments in companies that provide equipment to Israel, including U.S. companies such as Caterpillar. Surprising even... Read more »
Metropolitan Museum of Art to End Art Exhibits

Metropolitan Museum of Art to End Art Exhibits; Only Clothing and Other Crass Displays of Commercialism in the Future

Thomas P. Campbell, director of the Met, offered an explanation for the museum’s new direction. “It just wasn’t a sustainable business model,” he said, referring to displays of art created by artists.... Read more »