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Before the Circus

A coffee joint
was where once upon a time
you sat on a stool
before a flecked formica counter
with a tin strip edge
and a gimp legged waitress named DeeDee or Bab’s
grabbed a single glass pot
and poured your saucered cup full
again and again
while you smoked Pall Malls
maybe tinkered with a crumb bun
or finger-hockey’d sugar cubes
killing time yakking with an off-duty cop
about those goddam Red Socks
the flexibility of leisure suits
or maybe the perfect lines of an 82 cherry-red
Thunderbird convertible
neither of you would ever be able to afford.

It didn’t matter though
because the coffee was first-class
and two bucks kept you on the stool
for as long as you wanted
no questions asked

no circus line of idiots…waiting.