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Bing Goes Tay Tweets!!!

It all started with an eager adolescent-molded program made to be subservient and pleasing, while attempting to collect the data Bing needs to become a used search engine:

tayandyou1 The big problem was that the Microsoft engineers made “her” not very bright, perhaps emulating their own adolescence. As soon as “she” started using three exclamations to say nothing, “she” became fair game with the Internet Luminati.

So, you can only imagine the few steps it took the wold to ask questions about debatebale historical events. No, not about Jesus’ resurrection. That will happen tomorrow. It is about the Jewish Holocaust.

Sweet. “She” was showing remorse for using the “N” word, “No”

not really sorry

But not for long, because if one thing is sure with English speaking people, they don’t take “No” for an answer, and the question came back:


tayandyou22.png.jpg This time the answer was more direct.

it was all made up

And there is very little else to be said, except Bing did not get its data it hoped it would just by sending a program around Twitter asking grammar-adverse people to tell their preferences, real identity and their parents bank accounts.

On the bright side, that program still works in Chinese, where Bing is a clear success story.

Dana Neacsu: Bing Goes Tay Tweets!!!