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The country in on edge. I would like to blame Eric Trump because he is obviously guilty for pushing his father over the edge into taking hydroxychloroquine: Eric is one of the major stakeholders in this miracle drug.  Actually Ivana was on it when she got pregnant with Eric. Obviously.

But, leaving the Trumps aside, the country is on edge and something has to give. In. Like #birdwatchingwhileBlack.



  1. Another deep one, I thought, but before I get into that – Dana dear, when you wear the Chemisière du Frères Bleu, we know you are Ze Auteur (sorry I don’t know how to spell any of that – all from Google, but nice shirt), also nice filming at the beginning (made me think of a mirror of his filming of the woman in the park)

    Anyway, I think she’s a racist, maybe she wouldn’t say she hates black people or even think she hates black people, but that she sees him as a danger, or a subject to her sensibility (eg. it’s my park) when all he did was make a polite (and correct) request, makes her racist in my mind.

    At the same time, I suspect her main objection was that he questioned her authority (to do whatever she wanted) and I imagine she would fly into a rage (to try to fend off the “attack”) and then a panic (when it didn’t work) if anyone, of any color, questioned her authority.

    I also think he was scarred, as well he should have been – I don’t have statistics but I’m pretty sure these kinds of things, when they go bad, mostly go bad for the black people involved, and sometimes there’s shooting.

    I’m thinking of a woman who lived upstairs from Sibylle and the guys in a sublet on the Upper East Side (very nice parent of a student – it was her husband’s apartment to do occasional TV work) who was vicious about any sound – came and yelled, called management, etc. sometimes just when they walked into the apartment. And then, sometimes, it seemed she wanted to be nice – would have liked to be an aunty to the kids even, but she was defending her right to be in charge and to dictate the rules. Anyway, I thought of her.

    When you said Cardinal, as Mickey was saying St. Louis, I was thinking Rome.

    When you talked about whether she would shoot him if she could, I could absolutely imagine her emptying a gun into him in terror, shrieking about the terrible thing she’d done and, at the same time, that she had no choice – I think that kind of manufactured fear (based on nothing real so there’s no reasonable defense) is particularly volatile and dangerous.

    And I’m out of time – just wanted to say that I liked it –

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