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 blue harp

late night hooch bar

boozed up jam…

edgy blues cat

in a grey fedora

wrap around shades

pointy shoes

sweat soaked

lime green sharkskin suit

leans into emptiness

harp mouth blowing

raw engine steam

locomotive freight train

iron tracks

coal car slow


Memphis City heartbreak


Mississippi August red eye moon


right hand cupped

over left

over smooth rubbed steel

pressed to lips

like palming a wooden match

lit to set his mouth on fire

sending smoke rings

through the octave holes


rousing the dead to

shake up the dying


blues in blacklight

midnight spent

soulful as a migrant hooker

arched backbent on field scarred knees

cradling in her gin soaked mouth

a hard luck man

spasm wracked

lost in some demented ecstasy

before he breaks in two


music in each dying

the human shriek

that long train coming

rumbling over everything



the born again

the sanctified

the saved


behind God’s back


on its way to hell

through you.

By NEIL BROSNAN:  blue harp