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Bo and Sunny Gone, Here Comes the Trump Card

The Obama Social Media Archive is now live. Eight years of Instagram, Tweets, Facebook, Flikr, Pinterest! They are all here:

So, cute. TPV doesn’t believe in pets and still we find this so cute. So perfectly neutered!

On the other hand, Trump’s Social Media activity has been live even before inauguration, and it’s far from cute. It’s scary in its feudal structure.

We already know that Mr. Trump’s businesses owe over $315 million to 10 companies. What we are soon going to discover is that His Majesty’s debt, which has been diced up and sliced and repackaged, has been sold to 150 institutions through something called securitization (I know, it does sound made up but that is just for us, the suckers, so we can laugh when we do not get it).

Now, His Majesty cannot pay his debts. He cannot afford to pay his taxes. BUT, Mr. Trump can do a major trick. He can change the tax code and ensure that his business gets $4 billions in tax savings. More than enough to get around to the following 150 institutions:

  1. Wells Fargo & Co.
  2. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  3. BlackRock Inc.,
  4. Fidelity Investments
  5. Invesco Ltd.
  6. Pacific Investment Mangement Co.
  7. Prodential PLC
  • and so forth
  • and so forth
  • up to

   150. Ladder Capital Corp.

Now, this is ugly, isn’t it? Where is the competitive spirit of giving favors to the higher bidder?  What about the sportsmanship of lobbying for His Majesty’s favors? All taken before Trump gets the throne. That’s no Magna Corporate Carta. Anybody can tell us, we’ve been trumped.


BY DANA NEACSU: Bo and Sunny Gone, Here Comes the Trump Card