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Go Bernie Go!

Bernie won the Indiana Primary on Tuesday, and he’s likely to win even more states before the final votes are cast in June.

But Bernie lost in all the debates over who’s winning delegates and super delegates are some of the other major victories we’ve already won along the way.

We cannot let that sit unchallenged!

Show your widespread support behind big, bold progressive ideas:

  • Only Bernie fights for debt free college for all. ✔

  • Only Bernie opposes unjust trade deals like the TPP. ✔

    Only Bernie wants health care as a basic right. ✔

  • Only Bernie wants to end to mass deportations and a path to citizenship. ✔

  • Only Bernie fights for a $15 minimum wage. ✔

  • Only Bernie fights to end fracking and transitioning from fossil fuels. ✔

  • Bernie will end Citizens United and will get big money out of politics. ✔

  • Only Bernie will fix a broken criminal justice system and confront its systemic racism. ✔

Bernie’s bold progressive ideas are the only ideas which can keep the American government remain a democracy. Democracy cannot be “too ambitious”!


Bernie Fights for $15
Energizing Democratic voters with a competitive primary.

Just last week the New York Times called Bernie’s campaign “A gift to the Democratic Party”.2  

And that is great, coming from El Chapo of American Journalism.

NY Exit Poll shows Democrats Energized