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Hair, Nip, Rump and Kanye

The best four moments of the 57th Grammy Awards were shockingly not related to music but to the people who brought us atonal tonalities, aka amusical crap:

4. Kimye‘s hubby stage-bombed during Beck’s shocking Album of the Year win. An irrepresible feminist, Kanye wanted to give that Grammy to Beyonce because Jay-Z was probably asleep on Madge’s lap.


3.  Sia reminded us how much of a fan of the Adams Family franchise she is.


2. Lady Gaga‘s chaperon of the night, poor grandpa Bennett, was briefly in danger of becoming gaga seeing a nipple last night during a photo shoot. Luckily it briefly happened when he was yawning.


1.  Madonna showed us all her rump, and it did not cause any rumpus, being unappetizing. Stay cool dear woman!



By DANA NEACSU: Hair, Nip, Rump and Kanye


  1. Kind of mean about Madonna’s poor little tushie, it would probably be just fine if it wasn’t squished into, what is that, a little push up bra? Who helps her dress – we’re constantly helping our little ones get the right clothes in the right places.

    I don’t know about style, and I shouldn’t be saying anything about the woman who single handedly (double boobedly?) ushered in the modern, underwear on the outside era? But regular panties would probably feel a whole lot better. I mean for her.

  2. Cousin Itt.Does she sound like Itt when she sings? Does she sing, if you’d asked I would have guessed that Sia was a kind of car? 

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