What Happens When the Girl Is Neither Lovely Nor Better

Ms. Barbara Streisand recently came to Hill-Billy’s rescue:

barbara streisand

Indeed, there seems to be no difference between Hill-Billy and the other dirty, old, men, you mention: Bush & Trump, save that no one dares to call former Secretary Clinton – a dirty, old woman! Her services do come cheaper, though.

And, my dear Ms. Streisand, that silence is not my type of feminism. That’s pandering, and you should know better: you played both lovely and better girls, once.

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About the Author: Dana Neacsu

Dana was born in Romania, on May 20, 1933 at exactly 9:52 PM, according to official records. Dana loves NYC and her spirited girls, Zoe and Izzie, in reverse order. She teaches legal research, writes bloody novels, and was awarded a PhD for watching late night TV.