High Crime and Misdemeanor: Reducing US to Mar-a-Lago

In an attempt to redefine impeachable grounds of high crimes and misdemeanors, at the UN, President Trump, @therealDonald, came up with this definition for the world:

How more clear do I have to say this: I want out of the White House? Trump was heard bemoaning.

Indeed, Congress, when are you going to let the man off the hook? How much more damage does he need to do to our country before he is dismissed?


By DANA NEACSU: High Crime and Misdemeanor: Reducing US to Mar-a-Lago


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About the Author: Dana Neacsu

Dana was born in Romania, on May 20, 1933 at exactly 9:52 PM, according to official records. Dana loves NYC and her spirited girls, Zoe and Izzie, in reverse order. She teaches legal research, writes bloody novels, and was awarded a PhD for watching late night TV.