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Join Our Teachout-Wu Party. The Victory Party!

There is the old big boys and big or just old pals party and the others’ party, the party of those who still believe politics is not just another word for ambitious people with ugly faces. So, come on, be with our Teachout-Wu party!

An exciting week has just gotten even more exciting! The upswell in our support and the panic from the Cuomo/Hochul camp show that this election is closer than anyone had thought. Now we need to convert that momentum into votes, and show the state – and the country – the power of a real grassroots campaign.We are partnering with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), a national leader in progresssive politics, to call all of the progressive voters in New York State to get them out to vote on ‘Upset Tuesday‘. To do this, we need every volunteer to sign up for at least four 2-hour shifts of online calling between now and Tuesday.

Sign up for your shifts NOW!

The system PCCC is running will only connect you with live voters, so no time wasted on disconnected numbers or not-homes. Please forward this email to your networks of friends and colleagues – we need everyone to join in this effort!

The election is in your hands.

In solidarity,

Gabriel Tobias


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