Mitch McConnell to Fly to Brazil to Make Sure Temer Does Not Talk

Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr., senior United States Senator from Kentucky, and a member of the Republican Party, as well as the Majority Leader of the Senate since January 3, 2015 is to take his July 4th recess in Brazil, where he would watch how President Michel Temer responds to being indicted for corruption.

We don’t know who T calls when he’s at home all by himself. I was asked by T’s family to fly and talk to Michel before he goes to jail.

Of course, Mitch’s T is the current White House male resident, aka the President.

Michel is an old friend of T. Thankfully, T does not bribe businessmen. T has everything worked out. First you are part of his family and then you go and bribe whomever you need to bribe, but mostly you take their livelihood away from them, so there is not need to bribe anybody. T is so sly. I love T.

If you wonder what T has in common with Michel Temer, here’s a list:

  • Michel Temer is married to a very, very pretty woman that is 42 years younger than him. Yes, forty two years.

  • Her name starts with M. It is not Melania, but Marcela.

  • He is quite unpopular.

  • He writes books.

  • He believes to have great oratory skills.

  • He constantly uses far-fetched terms.

  • He’s a right-wing politician.

  • He is [most likely] corrupt.

TPV wishes Mitch a good trip.


By DANA NEACSU: Mitch McConnell to Fly to Brazil to Make Sure Temer Does Not Talk

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