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Mothers: You can live with them and you can’t be without them.

Moms: we can live with them and we can live without them. But when they’re special, they really are.

At least this is what John Waters thinks.


  1. Dear TPV,

    Lovely Pothole, lovely showing off and I enjoyed the soundtrack – you placed the young artists’ performance beautifully.

    I do enjoy Waters sense of humor, that he sticks to his principles and his sensibility (which seems genuinely odd) in the most outrageous and (often vulgar) way – sometimes the movies are a little hard for me to watch (that extra mile – thinking of the poop eating scene) but the ideas are consistently hilarious and often beautiful in their virtue, I imagine he was one of the original actual practicers of diversity casting and it was (I suspect) because he loves diverse talents and beauty.

    My vague memory of what I’ve seen – just one movie I think, there is a pretty unique (in my experience, for a narrative film) feeling of being brought into someone’s home, a very bizarre home – and even when the story was horrifying (at least in theory) there was usually some warmth. I’m thinking of sex with chickens, some kind of forced insemination and my favorite – one family licking the furniture in their rivals’ home, so it would “reject” them when they tried to sit on it…

    All of this talk (from me) and thinking of it now, it may be just one (Pink Flamingos) that I’ve seen! Anyway, I don’t remember hearing of this one until now and I’m glad I have. I’ve also enjoyed hearing Waters talk about his movies and other projects.

    Thanks for the Pothole, I hope it’s going OK.

    Peter, Paul & Mary

    PS. I think it was from the movie soundtrack – there was a little bit of the lick from Bad to the Bone – maybe not originally from BttB but that’s where I’ve heard it. I also liked the music from the park towards the end – was that live in the park?

    PS II. I had a friend who did a project making Cereal Music by pouring flakes on music paper, I imagine the procedure was more elaborate but that was the basic compositional mechanism. Maybe she was inspired by the movie?

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