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the myth of Paradise

ninety-nine names of God in a hat


choose what you need

throw the rest back


take the God without image

God without face

distort him to service

the cause you embrace


holy words in a book

iconic Koran

Mohammad the prophet

Allah’s ink in his pen


ninety-nine names of God in a hat

cut down your brother

plunge a knife through his back


murder and mayhem

in the name of Islam

God in the shadows

brutal men armed


executions made public

rape and murder compiled

when laying waste to creation

is not the Creator defiled


radical warriors

vying sects shifting cells

who is the infidel

where lies the hell


suicide bomber

in a Market café

cries out … Allah Akbar


Paradise blown

further away.


By NEAL BROSNAN: the myth of Paradise

 liberteFrancois Mori/AP/SIPA