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If You Feel like Saying No Today, Say It to the Koch Brothers

The great struggle of our time is to prevent the United States from becoming an oligarchic form of society in which the economic and political life of the nation is controlled by a few extraordinarily wealthy families — including the Koch brothers who are worth over $50 billion.

Fact: The Koch brothers spent up to $400 million in the 2012 elections attempting to elect right-wing candidates to the White House, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House and governorships.  Those efforts will continue in the future.
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Fact: The  Koch brothers have established or funded dozens of  right-wing organizations dedicated to providing huge tax breaks to the rich and multi-national corporations, destroying trade unions and  workers’ rights, privatizing Social Security and Medicare and making massive cuts to programs of vital importance to the middle class and working families.  Those efforts will continue in the future.

Fact: The Koch brothers, who have made their fortune in the fossil fuel industry, are strongly supporting a massive disinformation campaign to deny the reality of the planetary crisis of global warming.  Those efforts will continue in the future.

And now, the Koch brothers want to expand their power by taking over the Tribune Newspaper chain — the nation’s second largest newspaper publisher.  The Tribune Company chain includes such newspapers as the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Hartford Courant, the Orlando Sentinel, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Baltimore Sun, the Daily Press and The Morning Call — among other papers.

We must not allow that to happen.  Please join 65,000 other Americans in urging the Tribune Company not to sell their newspapers to the Koch brothers. Enough is enough!

Senator Bernie Sanders


  1. what can I say – yes, the Koch brothers are, as we say at home with the kids “bad guys” and I liked “If you feel like saying no today” but otherwise, I don’t have a joke for them.

    Except, I have a vague memory of someone else’s gleefully commentary about the nothing like minded big spenders got trying to rent the White House for Mitt Romney – let’s hope for a repeat.
    Can I assume TPV is not for sale?

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