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Obama Has Become What He Thinks and It Ain’t Pretty

 I did not think I would have to come out against a particular presidential candidate. But it just happened. As the founder of Buddhism, Prince Siddhartha, said, “What you think you become,” this week, both Obama and I have become what we think: he a eunuch and I a feminist.Obama has always thought like a castrated guardian of the harem of right-wing lovelies the rest of us just salivate over and might do worse with if we saw them.  Now Obama has shown the world his pants are empty and blamed this deficit on, of all things, being the father of two daughters. 

To quickly grasp my outrage, here is the gist of the case.  In a long awaited public health measure, the political appendix known as the FDA, the Federal Drug Administration, approved over-the-counter sale of the morning-after pill.  I am biased.  I am a woman AND have used contraceptives intermittently.  I have come to know the morning-after pill quite recently and found it to be a wonderful way of taking stress and worry out of a woman’s life.  Also, for the record, because I do not possess a driver’s license, I had to use my passport to obtain the drug.  The pharmacist needed a Picture I.D. to prove I am as old as I look.  Despite these rigorously enforced safeguards for the distribution of an approved drug, Obama’s appointee in charge of the FDA, Ms. Kathleen Sebelius, countermanded the FDA’s decision, holding that emergency contraceptives cannot be sold to teenagers younger than 16.  Such a heavy-handed political intervention has not been perpetrated in more than a century.  Political appointees usually have the decency to defer to the scientists.  Like a perfect gentleman, Obama came to the defense of his lady-in-waiting, Ms. Sebelius.

 “The reason Kathleen made this decision is that she could not be confident that a 10-year-old or an 11-year-old going to a drugstore should be able — alongside bubble gum or batteries — be able to buy a medication that potentially, if not used properly, could have an adverse effect,” Mr. Obama said to reporters at the White House. 

Mr. President, are your girls really that naïve — God forbid, I’m not implying that their bodyguards are not doing their job — or do you think we, your job’s beneficiaries, are that naïve?  Are you such a metro sexual dad that you care about such household chores as buying bubble gum, AA batteries (I wonder what would you do with them) or just an old timer in favor of abortions irrespective of age?  Are you sharing your political advisors with Newt?

Obviously, this is a rather insignificant example of what Obama has thought himself into being, but growing up in Soviet Romania, it stung me deeply. The mere thought of a maturity to come without free access to contraceptives heralded body and soul disfigurement.  Is this what you want for our daughters, Mr. Obama? You have refused to close Guantanamo, the American gulag, and given us the right to have our conversations wiretapped 24/7. Now, you are going a step further and imitate the Soviets by playing political games with our contraceptives. Strangely, this Soviet game is the Republican game too, isn’t it? Perhaps you do not see the vexing similarities, but until then, Mr. President, I suggest you zip your lip and your pants. And tell Newt to do the same.


  1. Why aren’t you telling him that it may pain him now but he may be feeling better once the election season is over!

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