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Officer, Can You Please Tell Me – Are YOU Waldo?

It is 1:42PM, NYC time and helicopters have been hovering over the upper side of Manhattan for quite a few hours. It is annoying but it may make good tourism! Apparently, a car had been hijacked somewhere in New Jersey before a vehicle pursuit started into New York.
What mesmerizes TPV is why such a significant police activity in the vicinity of Riverside Drive and limited apparently to Grant’s Memorial? New Yorkers have been asked to avoid the Memorial for the time being. Could it be that the vehicle pursuit of the police unidentified car (why else would NYPD helicopters be involved?) is in fact around the Memorial?

Or is this part of the NYC summer tourist attraction, Officer, Can You Please Tell Me – Are YOU Waldo? which is a program of family oriented programs NYC Office of Tourism has been publicizing everywhere?



  1. Why not crime tourism? For a fee they give you the striped knitwear and chase you from one NYC hotspot to another – beats standing around some questionable neighborhood waiting to be stop and searched.

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