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Poor of the World, There Is Hope for You: Nuclear Waste and Soldiering

Eastern Europe does not require the poor to read. Only in Japan the poor needs to have access to the Internet to read online adds:

Out of work?

Nowhere to live?

Nowhere to go?

Nothing to eat?

Come to Fukusihma.

In Eastern Europe,  the poor are treated accordingly. They can either welcome nuclear waste and have their home become a garbage disposal for the EU, or do some other menial work – soldiering on its behalf – NATO, here you come!

Not long ago, nuclear waste came to the poors’ lands. This should be good news for the Ukraine: That job is no longer available; it has long been farmed out to its neighbors to the south.

The European Union does not need any camps yet, either. This is more good news for the Ukraine: otherwise people would have thought that camp production is a national vocation.

For the Ukraine, its attraction is different. Its natural resources are much desired by the West, as well as its vicinity – right next to Mother Russia. So, the poor of Ukraine you can help the West with soldier production. This translates – war on your territory and good TV on the EU territory.

Anyway, poor of the world, be happy. There is work for you: cleaning Fukushima or, if you are from Eastern Europe, you may even get a maid’s room. Temporarily.