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Pope Francis, Could You Be a Rock Star?

We live in the greatest crisis of our lifetime, but we do not care because the obscenely rich take care of our souls. They may get richer, the middle class may continue to disappear, and real unemployment may just be 14%, while youth unemployment is at 20%. BUT, billionaire families like the Koch brothers  who are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who support their extreme right-wing views, also bring us ballet. NYC Ballet is housed in the David H. Koch Theater, at Lincoln Center, and there, all New Yorkers can go and see George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, especially if they come at intermission when millionaire families leave the theater to do some more charity and give their posh tickets away to the rest of us. Of course, for free.

Thus, when I hear Pope Francis talking about his commitment to economic justice I say that I am not Catholic and I do not need to hear that. When Pope Francis is not happy with our corporate billionaires who, in their relentless pursuit of profit, decide what is “good” for them and not us, I say that he needs to see George Balanchine’s ballet, or at least Copelia. Now, if Pope Francis would be a rock star, then maybe, he would be qualified to tell us that allowing the few filthy rich and their political minions guide our society to the golden age of Luis XIV is not the way to promote human exploitation, but to treat humans as “leftovers.”

In other words, why would anybody who is filthy rich listen to Pope Francis? Because it is them who need to listen to him, and decide that a cap should be imposed on everybody’s wealth.  My dear Pope, do not preach to the rest of us who, somehow are happy to see a few minutes of free ballet now and then, try to reach them.

Become a rock star!



  1. Dear Dana,

    I assume you mean a metaphoric rock star, because I don’t think the Koch brothers are going to be listening to any of that kind of noise, since the anti-American Beatles knocked Pat Boone off the charts.

    [I wrote a paper in high school about John Birch Society and the Beatles – on a hunch I took a look, seems Papa Koch (Fred) was a founding member of JBS! Family business…]

    More looking, when John Lennon was told that they considered the Beatles music “un American” he said, “Very observant.”

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