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House Republicans Release Nunes Memo Accusing Russia Investigators of Bias https://nyti.ms/2GFVIbH Marquel heard Alexa moaning in the background.

  • He remained undeterred.
  • He continued to  read nothing.
  • He was doing nothing.
  • He had the memo in his hand.
  • He couldn’t bring himself to read it so he decided to review and summarize it himself. It worked in English 101 when he found there was no need to read great literature, just the reviews, and by English 102 he realized even that was unnecessary. Why not write your own review and study from that?

“It takes the reading out of reading,” he had famously said.

So he got down to writing about the memo. Just like in college.

His notes follow:

  1. Paragraph one unfairly cites unverified statements by Alfred E. Newman. The “what me worry” comment should have been scrubbed because the release of classified information will definitely tell our enemies about how and from whom we gather data.
  2. Paragraph two is reasonably logical but to spell “phake”like that seems unprofessional and more than a little pandering. It appears throughout the memo and I won’t refer to it again. But it is distracting.
  3. Paragraph three is missing.
  4. Paragraph four is simply untrue. Nowhere is there any reference or support for the claim, as the memo puts it, that “Rosenstein then grabbed the judge by the pussy” until she signed the warrant.
  5. The next page is unconvincing. The first paragraph implies that Hillary Clinton was the judge. Just because it’s a secret court doesn’t give license to any and all fabrications. The fact that the judge looked “dour and hormonal” is a sexist obscenity and doesn’t lead to the conclusion that it was Clinton. It could just as easily be Mitch McConnell.

Towards the middle of the page it says that the hearing was “as usual at DNC headquarters.” It appears that is true. But it doesn’t explain why it should be called an “obviously conservative stronghold.” There doesn’t seem to be any support for that. It is all opinion and fantasy “which the memo panderingly spells “phantacy,”  straight out of the heads of Nunes and his ghost writer, Steve Bannon. I think it would have been better if they had whited out his letterhead on all the pages not just the first.

Page3: Page three is just name calling and self absorbed. Nunes is not an adjective nor a noun that characterizes anything. To call every idiot in the FBI “nothing but a Nunes” is ad hominem and maybe just a bit ad Nunes as well.

I have to confess that I didn’t read the last page.

Last page: I can’t read Russian at all. But the picture at the very end seems both irrelevant and distracting. I don’t think Nunes can actually ride a horse and certainly he should have kept his shirt on. And what’s the deal with the caption #metoo?

So maybe I really should have read it. I’m just a Nunes.


By MARQUEL:  #releasetheSchiffmemo