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Remembering the First Day

I know the fun is out of this game. Still, this is my debut. So, stick around. The inauguration has finally come and gone.

The day millions dreaded, and millions anticipated. It was without a doubt a historic day. Whether it’ll be remembered it depends on some small fingers and a red button.

  • What a podium can do: President Obama, President Trump, and Failed Candidate Hillary Clinton were all together at the podium, as were President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush-Fils. Only one notable absence, President Bush-Pere, who was hospitalized before the inauguration.
  • Obama’s final farewell before departing on Marine One. Beautiful moment for a great human being. The search for the next one has started.

Quick Stats

  • No stats available. Only subway tickets, and as New Yorkers know, that’s not always accurate.
  • 200: The amount of potential executive orders President Trump intends to review by Monday’s bowl movement, according to his office. Again, unclear whether the act of signing could be construed as including reviewing. But by the recent Immigration Muslim Ban, Trump may soon want to deny knowing what he signs.
  • Clear: The WhiteHouse.Gov removed both Climate Change and LGBT from their “Issues” section. Shameful.
  • Clear: Trump is a man: Trump’s first lunch with members of Congress listed wine and champagne, even though he claims to have never drank alcohol in his life. Perhaps he enjoys when those in his immediate proximity forget he’s around.

Player Ratings

  • President Trump: Able to follow the script on the prompter:  5/5.
  • Vice President Pence: Biding his time with grace, 5/5.
  • Speaker Ryan: Was in the background most of the time, but being young and clean, 5/5.
  • President Obama: Sat tight, 5/5.
  • First Lady Melania Trump: Her husband’s other half. No deviation there, 5/5.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama: To be missed. NO RATINGS AVAILABLE.
  • Protesters: Loud but not demonstrably so. Failed at their assumed role, 3/5.
  • Expected Guests: Not as many as … expected, 3/5.


By: Cliff Michael, TPV’s All Sports Correspondent: Remembering the First Day while We Can