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I first heard the mbira, an African thumb piano, during

my first year of college. The particular music I heard, some traditional songs from Zimbabwe, made a deep impression on me through its balance

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of complex counterpoint (the weaving together of different melodies) and the playful,

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childlike, almost lullaby-ish character of these melodies. Beyond this, the music had a quality that I value in much African music–a relaxed yet studied patience, a

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willingness to sit with something and allow to it to seep into you. I have since had an ear for this


instrument, so I was intrigued by this video I came across of the multi-national group Monoswezi. I was interested to hear the mbira in a context different from that in which I originally heard it–here it retains its penchant for simple, repeated melodic figures, but in a more streamlined texture. But it is fundamental in the group’s sound and presentation. [youtube id=mA6WgStBeq8 width=470 height=315]