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 Sole Angola

The UN human development index put Angola near the bottom in almost every category: life expectancy is 46 years; infant mortality is 180 per 1,000 live births (against less than ten in America and Europe); one-third of adults are illiterate

Woodfox in an iron cage

cold Angola box

twenty three hours

of a twenty four hour day

forty years and counting

huntsman foul play



take away his daylight

throw away the key

riots in a cellblock hellhole

one guard dead

abused inmates unarmed

four decade old

Black panther fear

paranoia of Supremacy

knee-jerk crackdown

on a cause whose back

was broken long ago


George Jackson

Herman Wallace

Martin Luther and Robert King

hundreds more


buried under bureaucracy

prison lifetimes…

drugs pumped into

inner cities

nodding heads

crack and more dead

commitment gone



old Woodfox framed

in his cage

solitary lifetime

poster victim for


the definition of wrong.


By NEIL BROSNAN:  Sole Angola