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The Douchebag of the Year 2012

We chose Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu to be the douchebag of the year, because he does such a credible job. The great actor he was – remember his role as the French revolutionary, Danton? – is currently joining the likes of the rich assholes who prefer their money to their decency.

Depardieu’s defection to Belgium to avoid paying some higher taxes in France is told by many sources, including his own mouth.

What TPV considers worth sharing is that in addition to Belgium, Russia and its on-and-off prime minister, the venerable Mr. Putin, also invited the aging French actor to establish his residence there. Russia may offer less boredom, especially if Depardieu’s neighbor happens to be Syria’s Bashar-al Assad.

Happy New Year, Great Douche!


  1. I like your refreshing writing style! You should do a search for “depardieu and ryan air” the yield is hilarious. I won’t spoil your fun in case you haven’t already read the story –

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