TheWeekholeView: Rand Paul Stands Up to Drones (and Obama)

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week:

Last Wednesday, March 6, the CIA asked the US Senate to allocate more money to support the candidacy of Henrique Capriles in the upcoming Venezuelan presidential elections. As we all know well too well Henrique lost his bid in October to now defunct Hugo Chavez, but again, then the CIA was working in some sort of civil obscurity; this time the American boys hope to use drones to support their puppet of choice.

On Thursday, March 7, we learned that the First Amendment Image 2is still the law of the land and one can still speak up without having to turn around and face a drone shooting her down, said the Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.

Image 5


On Friday, March 8, people who follow the United Nations calendar celebrated the International Day of Women, and this snowdrop is for them all.

Due to Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s nearly 13-hour filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination to lead the CIA, no American was killed in cafes while celebrating this Un-American day and googling snowdrops.

On Saturday, March 9, we read that for each one of the victims of  Sept. 11, Bin Laden has a son-in-law to offer our judiciary and Court TV…like the one being interrogated by the FBI as we write this. Imagine the years of never-ending FBI interrogation and for the rest of us the years of remembrance of things past through TV.

On Sunday, March 10, Mr Karzai, the CIA-propped Afghan President, proved that he is not a mere muppet but, using Jason Seagel’s sung words, a special “muppet of a man” because he will ensure the US government will spend on Afghanistan the money we have not to spend on our own young and old, sick and poor.

On Monday, March 11, TPV received a copy of Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent and we were forced to close our offices for the day. He is that excellent. Someone has to be.

Finally, Tuesday, March 12, it rained a lot in New York City.

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