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TheWeekholeView or the Making of a Lasting Friendship

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week, in more than one way or day:
On Wednesday, October 23, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was told that the American-based Pfizer just refilled her secret breast enhancement pill prescription, which the Bayer laboratories had failed to do so recently. Both the West and East German secret service organizations vehemently denied having ever asked the Americans for help.

On Thursday, October 24, Ted Cruz, the GOP Texas Senator flew to Cuba to get personal advice from Fidel on how to make the Germans his partners in taking over the Other America — the one outside Texas.

Friday, October 25, Angela learned that the Americans have been listening to her private conversations for years, but they had no money to hire a translator, so she did not care too much.

On Saturday and Sunday, Angela took calls from friends reassuring her that no matter what they learned about her backstabbing habits they would stand by their previous choice, the lovely Mr. Merkel, the chancellor’s humanizing husband. In reply, Angela video-called Barack to see if he still had the recording of her singing in the shower. Giggling, our president admitted that it is one of his favorite tapes. Angela, blushing, agreed that she too watched Barack’s youtube videos, like the one below where they both shared the stage:
[youtube id= qG0D3A8FkPo width= 470 height=315]
On Monday, October 28, the US Congress mimed surprise when they learned about the date of the first CIA transcript of Merkel’s private conversations: the year Nokia sold their first cell phone in Germany. Again, they could not joke about the content of Merkel’s conversations because no Congress person speaks any other language except the required 250-word-basic American-English. Of course, they use a diversity of regional accents.

On Tuesday, October 29, at his wife’s request, President Obama signed an Executive Order banning all NSA paper transcripts of Merkel’s private conversations.

For the love of Jesus, use a cloud and stop making a paper trail of your activities. It’s embarrassing to see that you cannot distinguish between private and public conversations. When she uses German, that’s private.


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