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Writing is Cathartic

The other day TPV received a letter from the President. He asked us to write letters to him. We are writing this instead.
The White House, Washington


Hi, everyone — (I’m using the White House letterhead)

The other day the President had lunch with a woman named Rebekah at Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis.

Rebekah, at her wit’s end spent her last 5o cents on postage and wrote the president a letter. She had no one else to ask for money to pay her mortgage, and mounting medical bills.

Now, just sending a check would be called charity. And the Clintons are better at charity than the Obamas…Also, they have more money. So, instead,  the President decided to be cool and deliver a reply  letter in person.

Rebekah and the President spent the day together — they stopped for burgers before holding a town hall with other members of the community and small business owners, to hear directly from folks about what’s on their mind.

So if you’ve got a story you want to share with the President — about how you’re doing, what challenges you face, and what’s working for you — the President may come to have lunch with you 

 So, do not be a naysayer. Don’t think as Rebekah first thought,

“I’m pretty sure this is a silly thing to do, to write the President.”

It’s not a silly thing at all. You may get a free meal out of it, and maybe an invitation to be on Oprah. Or Dr. Phil. But, if you want something more, write to somebody else. Or pray.

Anyway, writing is cathartic, so do write to some rich person, and who knows?! Remember Rebekah’s luck!

If you’re feeling inspired, drop the President a line. Tell him about your family, your neighborhood — or simply how you’re doing.

To send the letter by mail, use: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.


NEWS: Writing is Cathartic.


  1. But TPV says some pretty mean things in there, can you back them up:

    Also, they [the Clintons] have more money.

    Can you prove that!? It wasn’t too long ago they were nearly, literally penniless! (Of course that doesn’t say anything about other forms of currency, or wealth generally – maybe it’s another meaning of is is situation. Guess that’s why they said literally…)

    You may get a free meal out of it…

    Are you trying to paint the president as a bleeding heart, non-bootstrap, throw money at the problem kind of leader? I know, it says she spent her last 50 cents (is is…) but even if she doesn’t have money, there are other ways to pay for a meal…

    Personally, I don’t think there’s anything going on, poor BO just wants to have lunch with someone who will let him have a burger and fries.

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