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A Memorable Day for TPV: Friday August 17, 2012

Cynicism aside, on Friday, August 17, 2012, The New York Times’ editorial board found its long-lost voice. In fact, ThePotholeView was born out of our desperation with this newspaper and the other mainstream media. I pursued a PhD in media studies so I could have enough credentials for ThePotholeview and start energizing journalism. But all this is old history. Today is brighter.

On Friday morning, after reading The N.Y. Times editorials on same tribe member Sheldon Adelson,  on Guantanamo Bay, and the superiority of the Russian legal system when it comes to (not)selling arms to civilians (NB-this was before Putin said he did like Pussy Riot’s music), ThePotholeView decided to reconsider its mission.

Perhaps it is time for us to make some money.

Anyway, August 17, 2012 will remain an extraordinary day in our annals, and whomever is interested in a T-shirt with The Times’ editorial page on it, please contact the Manhattan newspaper, NOT us.

Unfortunately, only the first page has some color.

First Page, Friday August 17, 2012
First Page, Friday August 17, 2012

Or, better yet, contact us for your COTTONHOLE – “Top Issues on T-Shirts”, as seen below. The first design includes a signed photo of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of AK-47 machine gun, plus a message we believe in. If you believe in it too, send us an e-mail at at thepotholeview@gmail.com.

You may order one — T-shirt, not AK-47.




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