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Advice on Referencing Hitler When Talking

Is There Any Good Moment To Slip The Name Hitler Into A ConversationWhen Putin is launching missiles across his Russian domain to test his red button, you may feel comfortable about counter-launching smart observations about how he reminds you of … Hitler.

When the talkative smart fellow turns out is not you, but a king-to-be, this small detail may lead you into thinking that his words were inspired by God. How? Maybe through that mystical channel that you and I, the commoners, usually call blue blood.
prince-charles-290And we, the commoners, respect blue blood. One of the reasons for our obsequious attitude toward this liquid is that we do not have it. We have the red version, the popular version, which is warmer, even hot sometimes. And we think this is good enough for us. It gives us all sorts of liberties. One of the most valued one is being able to talk dumb without worrying that there might be consequences.
Hot blood.
Dumb talk.
No problem.
On the other hand, blue blood does not allow dumb talk. Or, to put it simply, because you do seem to like simple thoughts: dumb talk from blue blood is bad news for red blood, Charlie.
Daily MAil UK– “Prince Charles has sensationally likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.In a withering verdict on the actions of the Russian president in Ukraine, he told a woman who lost relatives in the Nazi Holocaust: ‘And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.’ The prince’s extraordinary intervention is certain to cause international controversy.”
POLITICAL MORES: Advice on Referencing Hitler When Talking


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