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Allegation of U.S. Spying on Merkel Puts Obama at Crossroads. Obama Phones to Apologize

TPV’s Mike Man Contacted Betty Assange, Julian’s 93 year old mother to ask whether Julian had any information about this.

Why, I think it’s probably right in his computer here in the kitchen. What was that name again?


Just a sec, hun,” she answered. “Oh, yes, here it is. Merkel. Do you want me to read it to you?

If you could be so kind.

O: Angela, I don’t know what to say except I’m sorry.

M: Well I’m afraid that’s not enough. Can you imagine the embarrassment?

O: Well I can assure you that it won’t happen ever ever again. Cross my heart.

M: You must say that publicly.

O: What? Cross my heart?

M: No, silly, that you pledge to discontinue such activity permanently.

O: Consider it done. But let me tell you that most of the news reports have grossly exaggerated what happened. We only monitored official communications, not your cell phone and certainly not this private cell phone. And there weren’t 70,000 intrusions. A tiny fraction of that by rogue agents.

?: Not. 70,000. Both her cell phones. We were just following orders.

O: Who was that?

M: Sounds like Nazis. Maybe neo Nazis.

O: What’s the difference?

M: The Nazis vote for me. The neo Nazis don’t vote at all.

?: Were not Nazis, my little bratwurst.

M: How do you know my pet name?  Only my husband Otto calls me that.

O: I don’t think those are Nazis. I think they’re NSA. Maybe things really have gone a bit too far.

M: Gottenhimmel! How do you know that name?

?: Sorry. Classified….


O: My little bratwurst? Angela… Angela… Are you there? Can you hear me now?

?: Sorry, Sir. She hung up. Do you want us to get her?

O: How do you mean that?

[End of transcript]

For The NY Times reporting, go to http://nyti.ms/1amMoUW


  1. Barack Obama has Angela Merkel’s nude selfies and he’s not sharing. TVP ,I expect  more from you. 

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