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“Dignité, mes fesses!”, Screams the French

Medical care, as a topic of conversation, tends to ignite people around the world and across religions. This time it is hospital gowns. Canadians of various religions find them indecent and immodest. The French Health Minister Marisol Touraine is so outraged by the hospital gowns pictured below that she is working on outlawing them, the French magazine L’Express reports.  (SANTE – Les fesses à l’air en chemise d’hôpital, ce n’est pas du goût de Marisol Touraine. Pour la ministre, “il y va de la dignité de la personne.”)

The French blogosphere too is launching an appeal to dignity: Dignity, my posterior!


Reproduced from leplus.nouvelobs.com

But as a friend of ThePotholeView.com pointed out what is this noise all about? Those uncomfortable with the use of one hospital gown could easily suggest each patient should use two: a first gown which opens in the back and a second one, on top, which opens in the front. The hospital personnel  retains the same ease to find our body parts which it had when patients wore one gown,  and we regain one dignity we never knew we lost … except for the puritan French obsessed with their rump!


  1. You should add a Lady gaga song to accompany this post. Such as papa…paparazzi… It goes well with the open gown.

  2. It is very annoying to me that I have to learn here about such important and vital issues as the opening of a hospital gown…Well done

  3. What you are saying makes sense. Why would someone almost dead in a hospital feel like they would want their postrerior to be covered?

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