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From the Man Show to the Trump Show – via Robin Byrd

COVID-19 gives one too much time to think. What made Trump possible? Was it the Man Show? Was it the Robin Byrd Show? What revolted America more? Was it the First Amendment?


  1. Dear TPV:

    Thanks! I don’t know those shows, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the Man Show, and I don’t know if I’m outing myself in terms of age or taste, but that Robin Byrd promo shot is familiar – does she have any connection to that Senator Byrd (I believe he was a bit of a ladies man…)?

    Anyway, it was great to hear you and your guest star discuss and illuminate, and the return of your other mystery guest – the woman on a trampoline without a trampoline?

    Regarding the man show – whatever might have been awful about it, I thought it was great when they pointed out that that old man polka band were a great deal younger than the Rolling Stones.

    I liked your back and forth about “revolting.” I don’t know that I’d given much considered to that linguistic coincidence (or whatever connection there is) I like it.

    You mentioned Jerry Springer, I heard a radio program about him – I don’t know if it’s common knowledge but he was a very thoughtful, seemingly genuinely nice, progressive with a bit of a political career going and, obviously, a gift for communicating with audiences – and he got caught (if I remember) having paid for the services of a sex worker – with a check…

    I think someone wrote an opera – I don’t know if it was about Springer and all of that, or just the show, which was a bit operatic in its own way – I never watched an episode but I remember seeing a clip, some American Nazis and I think of it relatively often – as someone who’s always thought of himself as a loser (I like to say now, that I’m a good loser – VERY good at losing…) these people were in another league, I’m going to avoid weight / image / intellect shaming and just say, the people on that show were not the Aryans one would associate with the world Nazi – of course neither was Hitler. Anyway, it gave me some comfort that they’d have to rise up out of their parent’s basement before they could rise again in the world. Of course now we have the Trump show and, thinking of Steven Miller for starters, they walk and (kind of ) talk among us…

    Anyway, nice to enjoy the fun aspects of the 1st amendment. I hope it’s going OK for you two, three if you’re not Ms. Trampoline sans Trampoline

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