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Ivanka Instead of Pence

It seems quite insensitive that after all the work Ivanka has poured into the White House she remains this Pence-lite, a mere mousy adviser to her Dad. It is time for the American People to put an end to this exploitative nepotism.

Demand Justice for Ivanka

Ivanka has always given her dad her unadulterated opinion on everything, and especially on tax cuts for her husband, Jared.

Ivanka stands for something.

She’s the Swamp!

How insensitive! One reads that on the web and one demurs. She’s so clean. She reminds me of Paul’s grandfather.

How could this tall blonde be the swamp? Swamps are much larger and darker than her tightly nip-nipped body.

Ivanka instead of Pence

That is why, TPV wants Ivanka to be recognized for what she really is: Pence converted to Jared’s standard of Judaism. Therefore, the next GOP presidential ticket should be Donald for Pee and Ivanka for Vee Pee.

That’s a ticket even the NRA might have problems distancing itself from.

God bless us and God bless our Banana Republic!


by Dana Neacsu