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RIP Little Richard

 Did Little Richard make us perhaps too tolerant of all tutti frutti, aka the Trumps frutti?

Yesterday, a legend in the making became a legend for eternity. It made us happier, maybe brighter, and a bit more tolerant. Maybe too indiscriminately so, that we are still wondering whether Trump could win a second term? I must be dancing too hard that my vision is blurred.



  1. Dear TPV,

    Nice tribute – I  don’t know if Prince was the kind of guy who liked to give a lot of credit, but in terms of style and performance I think he also owes some to Little Richard too.

    Maybe thanks to Prince, I don’t know that I ever thought much about Little Richard’s sexuality – though I guess if I were thinking about it, I would have guessed. The thing about Prince is “this is what I’m showing you but it doesn’t mean you know anything about me.” Though I don’t think that was new with Prince.

    I’m thinking of Liberace too – someone I didn’t think about much at all – but I heard some kind of story about him on the radio – maybe someone had made a movie, or there was a biography – anyway, the idea that someone so flamboyant could be such a star in mainstream America.

    I don’t know what to think, I would say it’s hopeful but it was so long ago and times continued to be terrible for gay people who weren’t Liberace, maybe part of the deal was he somehow made himself harmless (?) Little Richard on the other hand, was on fire – and black – how did he do it?

    I’m thinking of a story Dan Savage told on the radio about the bravest person he knew (from memory and not a very clear memory) someone in his school (HS I think) who dressed and behaved in a stereotypical “gay” manner – I put it that way because that was the point of the story – he was bullied because of the way he dressed and talked and the stereotype is that effeminate = weak, but the point of the story is that it would have been safer and easier (and less courageous) to be macho and cover.

    Anyway, just thinking – bravo Little Richard. Nice tribute.

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