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ThePotholeView Dazed by the White House Hatter

There is so much coming through the potholes of our democracy that TPV has a hard time catching any of them. Here are a few:

  1. Kanye West successfully recruits Trump to endorse Dragon Energy, a new product for those with too many imaginary friends;
  2. West defends his endorsement of Trump with a new song,“Ye vs. The People”. West’s opening salvo says
    “I know Obama was Heaven sent,
    but ever since Trump won,
    it proved that I could be president.” Yay, hopefully, Ye’s ending would be different than Trump’s.
  3. Macron, the French President, treats himself to a state visit to Washington D.C., hoping to understand his countryman’s awe for America. Unable to understand Tocqueville, Macron blames the current administration. So anti-Republican.
  4. President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Washington was certainly grand theater, the media reported: the hugs and kisses with President Trump, the dandruff whisked off his lapel,  and then the 40-year-old French wunderkind rising before Congress to deliver a stern lecture in elegantly accented English on why the American president is wrong about multilateralism, protectionism, nationalism, Iran and climate change.
  5. Unrepented, the Republican Congressmen released another report which denies any Russian involvement. While fast swallowing the last drop of caviar in the bowl.
  6. And then came the hat. Melania’s white hat. It was a diva crown. A grand gesture of independence. A church hat. Trump may be my shepherd. But I have my hat. Good job, Melania. You got a hat. For your birthday.
  7. On Melania’s real birthday, her hubby and our president, Trump, decides to wish her happy birthday on cable TV. As a gesture of marital affection.



BY DANA NEACSU: ThePotholeView Dazed by the White House Hatter