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TheWeekholeView on Wall Architecture

This past week  TPV  had a lot of time to start thinking about branching out, and here is what fell through our man-made hole:

  1. On Tuesday, TPV read the Britannica entry for “wall:”
    Wall, structural element used to divide or enclose, and, in building construction, to form the periphery of a room or a building. In traditional masonry construction, walls supported the weight of floors and roofs, but modern steel and reinforced concrete frames, as well as heavy timber and other skeletal structures, require exterior walls only for shelter and sometimes dispense with them on the ground floor to permit easier access.
  2. On Wednesday, TPV realized Trump’s wall was both political and ironic, so maybe America could hire us provided we can build a wall. After all, even the Chinese Wall had problems.
  3. On Thursday, TPV had a question it could not answer:  Why would we want an enclosure? Are we being private? Are we getting ready to do something awful or are we just ironic? 
  4. On Friday, TPV enrolled in an architecture and construction class at Trump University. Because it is closed down.
  5. On Saturday, TPV graduated with a Master’s degree in building holes: a prerequisite for the wall-construction PhD.
  6. On Sunday, TPV toured a few Trump construction sites. All uninsured. But filled with immigrants swiping off any dust.
  7. On Monday, President Trump explained his view of the wall:
    • The wall would not enclose America. It will be a wall with wholes, so people from afar can have a sneak peek at America, the-museum-piece. Something people would remember how much they once liked to visit.
    • Then President Trump met with Nancy and Chuck and gave us the job.
A wall as secure as your granny’s knitting


By Dana Neacsu
TPV Founder and Editor-in-Chief