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Total Recall for COVID-19 Vacation Plans- Let’s Go to Mars through the Kitchen Door

Mars surely looks within reach nowadays, or as within reach as the Eiffel Tower. Anyway, with some oculus glasses, all is possible.

So, why not a total recall this summer?


  1. Nice one. I enjoyed how (again) you got the wrong movie – this time the remake – I didn’t know there was a remake, I saw the first one and it seemed like a remake, I saw it in a theater in Yonkers, I don’t know if I knew anything about it – a roommate used to go to the two or three screen theater there and spend a good part of the day and I went for that one.

    I think I saw the first NL Vacation but maybe not the European one – I don’t remember a dog off the Eiffel Tower, or maybe I’m just confused.

    Regarding the awfulness of Arnold, I’m thinking of that comedian (I’ve probably mentioned this before, one of my favorites little bits) who played W and after Trump was elected he walks out on stage and says “So, how do you like me now?” And now I hear Arnold talked about as an environmentalist more than any other talk about him – though not as a great thespian, yet – maybe after Paris Hilton wins her Oscar (if she hasn’t already) we’ll hear about The Artist The Arnold.

    Wasn’t the story that he either had been or was now going to liberate the slave class workers of Mars? Maybe he can come and get (at least) reasonable protective equipment and hazard pay (and long term reasonable pay & benefits, since we’re making a movie, why not) for those essential workers who were in the deportable class just a few months ago.

    For now though I’m glad to have a brief Pothole Vacation from this, objective or subjective.

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